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Jeans Centre - Happy New Jeans

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Jeans Centre was an already well-established brand in NL and was planning to lunch a brand new e-commerce website for Belgium and a series of other microservices oriented applications. For this purpose, Commercetools was chosen as an e-commerce platform and for the Front-end, I decide to go with Gatsby, which ended being a great choice for both developers and the client.

I was the team leader of a small FE team and because AWS was the infrastructure of choice, I decided to go with Gatsby instead of other more complex SSR solutions. The rest of our stack was:

  • Gatsby as already mentioned.
  • Mobx for state
  • Emotion for styling
  • Bootstrap for the grid ( Chosen by the customers )
  • Commercetools for e-commerce
  • Prismic with GraphQL for CMS
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