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As a designer and full-stack developer, I understand the great user interface should look good and work even better under the hood. Alongside my clients, I uncover problems and solve them. In short, I create bolder online experiences.

Anytime. Anywhere. Acid.

I’m not bound to any time zones or tied to a desk. The project dictates where I need to be and who I need to collaborate with. Essentially, I always go the extra mile.

Creator. Partner. Collaborator.

Ideas are far from linear. As designer and developer, I can spearhead, support or polish your project or product at any stage it needs it.

Restless & curious.

My work is evolving to be future-proof, synergistically working with new and old technologies. Currently and in the past I have been experimenting with Ecommerce, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, ML, VR, AR, Video Editing, Projection Mapping, Sound Design and more. I’m never bound to a single technology or interest. The future is exciting and it’s here.

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